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The Coolest Fridges

Like many appliances, fridges can sometimes get overlooked in the design process. Too often they fall into “boring, big and white” territory, doing their job but acting as the proverbial (and sometimes physical) elephant in the room. But if you think of them as an opportunity to inject some style into your kitchen, it can be a whole other story. Check out some of my favourite picks for the coolest fridges around.

First up, my all-time favourite. Smeg is an Italian brand that pioneered the fun-look, serious-performance fridge. With different lines to choose from, you can go for a sleek and modern locker-style number or the trademark 50′s-look model. I’m a fan of the latter, in white or cream.


An industrial-style fridge is always going to be a classic, and with good reason. Stainless steel works with many different interior styles, and adds a professional touch to a kitchen. I like the styles offered by German brand Miele, particularly the Grand Froid style, which would work for a large family.


Futuristic styles can be fun, too. The new Samsung by Gro fridge can be used horizontally or vertically, and the space-age styling would complement a super-modern, minimalist kitchen.


Probably the gold standard for designer refrigerators, Italian brand Meneghini makes unique models inspired by vintage iceboxes. Nigella Lawson has the cream one shown below, though I’ve got a soft spot for the tall, slim red model. Available to purchase at Robeys, the price (over 36K for the deluxe model) may make you think twice.



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  2. DianaLuckett says:

    Do wish the Meneghini refrigerators were available in the US? LOVE then!!