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Photo find: Comfort

What with schoolwork and my new job, I’ve been a busy girl lately, leading (of course) to my current state of fatigue and illness. What I need right now? Comfort, in the form of tea, toast and some visual inspiration.

I thought this image from Toast‘s Autumn/Winter ’10 House and Home catalogue fit my mood perfectly: vintage, homey, relaxed style. Their Spring/Summer ’11 catalogue is out in just a few days, so provided I’m feeling better by then, I’ll be back with some more Toast lovliness next week.

Until then, have a Happy Friday and a comfortable weekend!


  1. I love this image, and the assemblage of vintage and homey things. I also turn to tea when I need comforting. Hope you feel better!

  2. I love your photos, especially this one with the different contrasts of colours.
    All very bright and colourful