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Look: Bodum kitchen ware

I was in John Lewis last week, searching for a pie plate (and just why is it so difficult to find a simple, attractive pie plate?), when I came across something that surprised me. Lost among the food-storage jars, I noticed a tall, sleek number by Bodum. I was under the impression that Bodum only made tea- and coffee- related products, but it turns out I’ve been in the dark. The Danish company now turns out a whole range of kitchen products, and I’ve picked out my favourites from the online shop.

I won’t be replacing my Dualit model with it, but I like that this rubber-sided toaster comes in eight cool colours:

look: bodum kitchen ware

I’m a sucker for mugs of all kinds, especially those that blend form and function as well as this:

look: bodum kitchen ware

I don’t know very many people who keep nuts around for guests, but I do like the look of this sleek nut cracker and bowl:

look: bodum kitchen ware

A large (4-cup) glass measuring jug is one of my kitchen must-haves, and I use mine every day. It’s not nearly as good-looking as this one, though: 

look: bodum kitchen ware

I’m somewhat against using paper napkins, but this napkin holder is so stylish- maybe it would work for cloth ones:

look: bodum kitchen ware

It’s not a huge leap from the original Bodum offerings, but if this Chocolatiere doensn’t make you crave cooler weather, nothing will:

look: bodum kitchen ware

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