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If you’re at all interested in design (and why would you be here if you weren’t), chances are you’re familiar with Finnish design company¬†Iittala. I started hearing about their glassware a couple of years ago, and lately it seems that I can’t pick up a magazine or read a design blog without coming across something with the Iittala name on it.

The cast-iron Sarpaneva pot looks like something out of Harry Potter, which to be honest only fuels my love for it. A Finnish design classic, it’s as functional as it is beautiful:


Glassware is what Iittala is known for, and these Aino Aalto drinking glasses are a classic. Inspired by the rings made by a stone hitting water, they were designed in 1932 and are just as covetable today:


The storage Jars are a more recent design, and one that I’m crazy for. Imagine how lovely your pastas, grains and pulses would look in one of these:


Not strictly for the kitchen (though I suppose they could work for nibbles), I just adore the organic icecube shape of the Vitriini range of boxes. I’d use mine for jewelry and odds and ends:


Kastehelmi is a 60′s design that’s being re-released in 2010. The inspiration for these elegant pieces came from water droplets, but I think the result looks like lace:



  1. keukens says:

    It’s stunning that designs can stand for decades. Very beautiful!

  2. Having a Finnish girlfriend we’ve started to collect Iittala kitchenware and crockery. We haven’t got a Sarpaneva pot yet, but would love one. Something we love is one of Iitalla’s sister brands, Fiskars. We collect their knives, as well as their iconic orange-handled scissors. Having grown up with a pair of 1980 Fiskars scissors in the home, it’s great to have the chance to explore the larger range of Finnish kitchenware designs.