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Kitchen Storage: Ten Cool Ideas

Storage is a perpetual problem for me, and I’m far from alone on this matter. It doesn’t matter how big or small our spaces are, there just never seems to be enough room for all our stuff, am I right? In the kitchen it can be particularly tricky, especially balancing practicality with design. Today I’ve put together ten ideas on stylish and space-saving kitchen storage.

1. Vintage charm. If you’ve got a spare wall or part thereof, don’t automatically jump to adding built-in units. A vintage dresser or armoire can store your plates just as well, and adds a bit of personality, too. I like this painted hutch from County Living.

Kitchen Storage: Vintage charm

2. Open it up. With that same wall, you could also try some open, industrial-style shelving. These blue-painted shelves, also from Country Living, look lovely, and the metal boxes keep things neat.

Kitchen Storage: Open it up

3. Pretty pegboard. Pegboard might not be a new idea, but it’s still a pretty good one. You can paint it any colour, and use as much or as little as you like. Go for a small square on the wall, a larger piece covering the back of a door, even a whole wall. This lovely teal board comes from Australian mag Inside Out, via Apartment Therapy.

Kitchen Storage: Pretty pegboard

4. Through the cupboard door. The slim space just inside a cupboard or pantry door can be a great find. Think of a magnetic strip for knives, a hook for spare tea towels, or a slim custom-built spice rack. In this image from Martha Stewart, pot lids are held up with towel racks.

Kitchen Storage: Through the cupboard door

5. Frame it. Got something pretty to show off? A storage frame, like this one I found via Living etc, is fantastic for showing off cups and smaller items. This is from Heal’s, but I bet an old frame, some plywood and a lick of paint would make a great DIY version, too.

Kitchen Storage: Frame it

6. Roll with it. A butcher block, trolly or other small unit on wheels can make a great occasional storage and work space. Choose something that fits in with your decor, and then simply roll it where and when you need it. Bonus points if there are shelves underneath, like in this example from Apartment Therapy.

Kitchen Storage: Roll with it

7. Hanging out. Simply looking up can reveal several unexplored storage options. The classic over-island pot rack is a good example, but even mounting a single hanging rail can keep utensils out of the way and free up your countertop. The space under cupboards works well, as does a patch of bare wall, like in this kitchen from Marie Claire Maison.

Kitchen Storage: Hanging out

8. Up, up and away. In some kitchens the cabinets go right up to the ceiling, but in others, there’s a bit of headspace. Make that work for you by tucking rarely-used but attractive (or simply decorative) items out of the way, as in this room from Domino (RIP) which I found at Little Green Notebook. Just make sure you’ve got a sturdy chair or stepladder at the ready, if and when you need to get them down again.

Kitchen Storage: Up, up and away

9. Under covers. We don’t often see tablecloths in a kitchen anymore, but consider this: a floor-sweeping fabric can hid a multitude of sins- er, stuff. Choose a beautiful colour or print, as in this photo from Canadian House & Home, and it’ll add a whiff of French country glamour, too.

Kitchen Storage: Under covers

10. Skirting the issue. Similar to the last tip, I’ve got a total weakness for skirted work tops and tables. It doesn’t matter how messy the junk behind is- if you can hide it with a pretty fabric, who cares?! I like the skirted corner in this room from Marie Claire Maison.

Kitchen Storage: Skirting the issue

Have you got any kitchen storage tips you’d  like to share?


  1. Neat post! Lots of great ideas!

  2. These are a lot of great ideas! I love the skirted table idea and the picture itself is just beautiful.

  3. Thea says:

    I came via the BYW class and I love this post. I don’t think any of us have enough storage and some of these I would never have thought of, like the towel rack for the pot lids – brilliant!

  4. Jennifer says:

    These are just beautiful ideas. I have storage issues, especially in the kitchen. A few years ago I moved from a 1900 sq. foot home plus two car garage to a 1000 sq. ft apartment. It has been quite an adjustment for me!

  5. Eliza Tobin says:

    these are some great ideas! I once stored skis on top of kitchen cupboards, in the space between the cupboard and the ceiling…we had run out of closet space in our very tiny apartment in ski country!
    coming over from byw…you have a really fun blog here!

  6. frauheuberg says:

    love the ideas…especially the last one…cool post…full of inspirations…good for my plan to change something in our appartement…mabye now also in our kitchen…;)…thanks for sharing…cheers ines

  7. your post is so clear and the ideas so great ! … and Eliza, you made me laugh with your ski storage story :) maybe Ele has another tip for you :)

  8. Valerie says:

    I enjoyed seeing all these ideas and all these kitchens with different styles, but all beautiful.

  9. Angie says:

    Wonderful ideas! I love the peg board. My mom has a “Christmas Closet” with 2 peg board walls. It is so efficient, tidy and accessible. Genius.

    Love your blog. I’m so happy to have found it!

  10. julie says:

    Hi Ele,

    what a great post – so many ideas and I like the images you chose to illustrate the ideas. Our kitchen has a pipe running along one wall in just the right height and everything possible just hangs there on metal hooks.
    See you in BYW, julie

  11. Amy says:

    Loved this–so many great ideas. I have a tiny kitchen, so am really interested in your tips (I especially like the hanging rail–nice!). Thanks for the inspiration.

    Cheers from another BYW-er!

  12. Romona says:

    You have some great ideas and everything looks neat.

  13. Susan says:

    Can anyone recommend a source for a simple stainless steel bar for hanging utensils?