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In the Kitchen: Ways with Wood

I’m a bit weird about wood, in that I adore it. I think a kitchen (or any room, for that matter) without a hint of wood looks a bit, if I can be honest,┬ásoulless. Staid, sad, and perhaps a bit boring, too. You might not agree, but for me there’s got to be a bit of nature among the modernity.

But while I surely dig wood, I’m not about to start endorsing any 80′s oak cabinet monstrosities. The trick is when and where to use it; nothing looks great in excess, after all. Here are my favourite ways to use wood in the kitchen. (All pics in this post from Living etc.)

Cabinets. This is a given, right? But there are so many options: dark, light, plain, panelled, upper, lower. I love the look of this kitchen, which has cabinets in a rich shade, but only lower ones, so the effect isn’t overwhelming:

Ways with Wood

Countertops. My hands-down favourite, and what I plan to do in my own space one day. Paired with white cabinets as in this space, the effect is modern classic at its best:

Ways with Wood

Island or butcher block. In a modern kitchen, this option is almost always a good bet. It can lend a refreshing country feel to even the most urban of spaces, as in this room:

Ways with Wood

Seating. In this otherwise white and minimal room, wooden stools add a touch of humanity:

Ways with Wood

Floors. Others can have their tiled, linoleum or concrete floors; nine times out of ten, I’ll take hardwood. The blonde wood in this kitchen fades into the background, while still adding warmth to the space:

Ways with Wood

Table. An oldie but a goodie. A big, wooden kitchen table works in any style of room, from industrial to retro and back again. This one looks perfectly at home in this bright space:

Ways with Wood


  1. Hilary says:

    Wood always adds a bit of warmth, doesn’t it? I especially love hardwood floors in a kitchen – I expect it’s not more popular because of the cost.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I just adore kitchen #3. I would give anything to cook and have that view with the doors wide open.

  3. MH says:

    God I love these. #3 is my fave, too. That little green backyard looks like heaven.

  4. Vanessa Schultz says:

    Great post, really interesting –

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  6. Jenny says:

    I completely agree – I’ve just decided to make tthe top row of drawers in my new kitchen raw timber, (with the rest of the drawers white) for this very reason.

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