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Home Inspiration: Gossip Girl

Firstly, a confession: I, Ele, watch and enjoy a shallow, melodramatic and at times ludicrous prime-time TV show aimed at the teenage set. So sue me.

Now that that’s out of the way, a second note: Please forgive the poor quality of the images in today’s post. It’s hell finding good screenshots, isn’t it?

Yes, Gossip Girl. The CW show about the lives of Manhattan’s young, wealthy elite, full of twisted love triangles, buried secrets, sexual tension and scandals-a-plenty. But please believe me, I don’t watch it for that stuff. Well maybe a tiny part of me does, but mainly I watch for the eye candy. Beautiful people, New York City, incredible fashion and inspiring interiors. It’s true; after the MCM gorgossity of Mad Men, this show has some of the best set design around (see this portfolio for some examples). While it’s all covetable, I’m going to stay somewhat on track here, and show you around the show’s kitchens.

The Bass/van der Woodsen penthouse is chic, modern and pure Upper East Side luxe. The kitchen in this apartment is a surprisingly modest size (I can’t imagine that anybody living here would do much cooking, after all), and has a clean, minimalist feel. I especially like the sliding blue panels and the open wood shelving (photos from this post at Apartment Therapy):

Gossip Girl

The dining area has a similar look, with a clean, mid-century feeling. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Upper East Side without a lush rug and an ornate chandelier:

Gossip Girl

The Waldorf home is more classic New York, all satin drapes and marble entrance halls. While that isn’t usually my style, I love the kitchen in this place. This image from Hooked on Houses shows off the white subway tile, marble countertops and industrial-looking appliances:

Gossip Girl

While no one can argue with the beauty of those spaces, it’s the trendy Brooklyn loft of the “underprivileged” Humphreys that gets the most love from me. Sure the exposed brick, random colours and retro paraphernalia might be cliché, but they’re good ones. I love the wall colour, open storage and cool pendant lamps in the kitchen:

Gossip Girl

The dining area is just as cool, relying on what looks like old diner booths for seating:

Gossip Girl

Until next time,



  1. The Waldorf dining room, to die for! And I confessed myself on my FB-status last week to be a Gossip Girl addict – how could you not, never mind the story-line, youre in ‘chic-heaven’ between the hair, make-up, clothes, shoes, purses and decor. Great post – Thank You!

  2. Ele says:

    Hivron Turanli- You’re welcome :) I sometimes think, that at 26, I should be past shows like this, but I can’t help myself. It’s just so fun!