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Home Inspiration: Galley Kitchens

If you ask most people what their least favourite type of kitchen is, I’d wager that long, narrow galley styles would be the answer. Galleys abound where I live in the UK; they’re the norm in all the Victorian terrace houses around here. Personally I much prefer a large, open-plan room, but it’s not always possible to have that in every house. Luckily, it is possible to have a beautiful, modern galley-style kitchen, as the following spaces show.

I’ve always liked the floor in this kitchen, which I found at Brown Button. The horizontal stripes make the space feel wider, and are a nice take on the retro checkerboard look:

Home Inspiration: Galley Kitchens

Sleek design makes the most of the available space in this modern galley, from Living etc:

Home Inspiration: Galley Kitchens

You can’t see the other side of this kitchen, from Canadian House & Home, but I like what I do see. The quirky objects and bright touches bring character to the minimalist design:

Home Inspiration: Galley Kitchens

This shorter, mini-galley is modern and pristine. I found it on Apartment Therapy and loved the open shelving and calming colours:

Home Inspiration: Galley Kitchens

Also from Apartment Therapy, this kitchen is cheerful and traditional. I love the ceiling-height units, and all the bright touches:

Home Inspiration: Galley Kitchens

I think the pale, soothing colour of the units in this kitchen from house to home create more space, as do the curved countertops:

Home Inspiration: Galley Kitchens


  1. Hilary says:

    I am not generally a fan of the galley, but this is mainly because I am obsessed with islands (as you know) and you can’t have an island in a galley. But these images do show off the style to best effect – I would be very happy to own the top example, especially. And there is something super charming about that kitchen from AT.

  2. ClarityK says:

    A galley kitchen can be very efficient for one cook – or if it’s as wide as your last one here, for two cooks. I know most people would rater have an island, but this post does a great job of showing that a galley can be good looking too. I think having a window or a french door at one end as a focal point really helps, too.

    I’m enjoying your blog – keep up the good work!

  3. I happen to love galley kitchens. I don’t understand the need to have a huge kitchen with standing room for 20+ people. In my opinion the function of a kitchen is to prepare meals only not to entertain. That is what the living room, dining room our a beautiful little spot outside is for.