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Cool Kitchen: Modern Scandinavian Country

Scandinavians, man- they even make country style look good.

No offense intended- I like a bit of country myself, especially when it’s paired with clean, modern lines or a rustic, vintage sensibility. But chintz, silk flowers and a cluttered-up countertop aren’t my thing. This kitchen, found via Hus & Hem magazine, is a perfect example of modern country. Charming yes, but twee? Not at all!

Modern Scandinavian Country

Modern Scandinavian Country

Modern Scandinavian Country

The country elements here are obvious- farmhouse sink, wooden units, touches of soft colour and wicker storage. What keeps it modern are the clean lines, abundance of white, open shelving and eclectic mix of accessories. I love the homey feel of this space, and can imagine whiling away hours cooking, reading or just hanging out here. Talk about a perfect country home.


  1. Hi Ele,
    I am Ingrid and we did Holly Becker’s BYW together.
    Love the Scandinavian kitchen – well no surprise there!
    Did you see the article in last Saturdays Telegraph about London food blogs?
    I had a quick look at the seven they mention and was not impressed!!
    Yours is so much nicer and more interesting and has better photography!!
    Ingrid x

  2. A. Ilin says:

    Love the wood burning oven (or whatever that is)! It adds to the look!