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Restaurant Design by Tom Dixon

I don’t usually focus on restaurants or commercial spaces here, but since I’ve been working on a bar/restaurant design at school this term, I guess it’s been on my mind. I was actually searching out some new lighting when I came across this space on Dezeen: the brand-new restaurant of the Royal Academy of Arts here in London, designed by renowned British designer Tom Dixon.

While this space is definitely busier and darker than those I normally gravitate to, I just love it. After all, this is in a historic building, so working with the features and art makes far more sense that fighting them. I love the glass-encased sculptures which act as a dividing wall, and the rich reds and blacks which look so at home in the space. Dixon’s famous pendant lights add just the right amount of “modern”, don’t you think?

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  1. With a place as astounding as this, I would assume that dinner will not come cheap.