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Etsy Find: the fox and the spoon

I was all set to post some lovely modern art on today’s Etsy Find when I stumbled across vintage kitchenware shop the fox and the spoon, and decided to change course. I know, I’m so predictable, but at least I know what I like. If you, too, like retro style and lovely images, enjoy!

From top: milk glass bud vase, teapot, tea and dessert setting, cake stand, flour sifter, aluminum cups.

Etsy find: 5gardenias vintage

It’s been a while since I posted some vintage lovliness here, so this morning seemed like a perfect chance to share my latest Etsy find, 5gardenias vintage. This Buffalo, US-based shop sells a sweet mix of homewares, decor and accessories, all styled and photographed beautifully.

I’m obsessed with the Danish Modern Covered Casserole, in the last image. What about you- see anything you like?

Etsy finds: Cozy cozies

Happy New Year, everyone! My break went a little longer than originally planned, due to excessive snow in the UK, last-minute timetable changes and an impromptu trip home to Canada. I’m back in London now, and ready to embrace 2011 with open arms. But as we all know, January can be a dreary, depressing month. My top tip for beating the blues? Stay inside with a mug of something warm and steaming. To keep it that way, check out these handmade cozies from Etsy:

1. I received one of Anne Bursey’s Wool Coffee Warmers for Christmas, and can’t wait to put it through its paces. Like a touque for your Bodum! 2. I’ve featured KnitStorm‘s work before, but this bright orange cozy was too sweet to resist.

3. This set of two knitted egg cozies from Imali is just about the sweetest thing ever, don’t you think? 4. But of course, Riley Co.‘s Forest Fox Coffee Cozy could give them a run for their money. 5. I love the traditional style of this Cornishware-style striped tea cozy from The Fluffy Duck.

6. This chic tea cozy from Argyle St. is made from luxurious cashmere felt.  7. Inklore‘s Ray of Light linen cozy is modern chic at its best.

Etsy find: Gloaming Designs

It was a mention by Holly on her Haus Maus blog that turned me on to Etsy shop Gloaming Designs. Run by a Paris-based American expat, the whole shop is a lesson in vintage charm, photographic styling and la vie en rose. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I always feel like I’m moments away from clicking that “Add to Cart” button. I’m sure you can see why:

Beautiful, right? I especially love the teasets, though the sewing ones are sweet, too.

Pictured: 1. French Garden Tea Set; 2. Pause Tea Set; 3. Blue Splatterware Bowl; 4. Vintage French Napkins; 5. Glass Rings Box; 6. Deco Rose Spice Jar; 7. Ink Butterfly Tea Cosy; 8. Vintage Glass Spice Service.

Check out the Gloaming Designs blog, too.

Etsy find: Redstitch

I just love it when my readers make life easy for me. While I was away on holiday last month, I got an email from a reader in Holland about her new Etsy shop, Redstitch. Stocking handmade potholders, brooches, dolls and more, the shop immediately grabbed me with its charming items and great use of fabric.

Potholders are quite retro, and can sometimes also seem out-of-date with all the high-tech oven mitts around these days. But Redstitch’s are bang up to date, with a modern shape, useful hook and great colours. My favourite is this lovely white pair, though there’s something here for every taste.

Etsy find: Tara’s Vintage Kitchen

Happy Monday, and if you’re in North America, Happy Labour Day! Here in the UK, the holiday weekend was last week, so today’s post will go right along as usual…

Tara’s Vintage Kitchen falls into one of my favourite Etsy categories, one I like to call “gorgeously styled vintage goodness”. She’s got everything from linens to bakeware to cookbooks in her shop, but it’s the wonderful photos that do me in. Check it out:

Etsy find: Blue Flower Vintage

Blue Flower Vintage on Etsy is such a cute shop. I love it not only for its great selection of retro home- and kitchenware, but also for the charming product shots that its owners create. Care to adopt one of these fab items on this Monday morning?

1. Lotus Ware Bowl; 2. 4 Finnish Linen Placemats; 3. Catherine Holm Dutch Oven; 4. Rorstrand Sweden Tea Cup; 5. Dru Holland Cast Iron Frying Pan; 6. Copco Enameled Saute Pan.

Etsy find: Diffraction Fiber

I’m pretty sure I laughed out load when I saw these Comfort Food Pillows from Diffraction Fiber on The Kitchn last week. Shop owner Beth makes whimsical felt cushions in cute and clever designs- imagine a cushion that looks like Grandma’s cherry pie! I think these are a great idea for a laid-back breakfast nook, particularly if there are little ones around.

Diffraction Fiber

Diffraction Fiber

Diffraction Fiber

Diffraction Fiber

Diffraction Fiber

It’s not just covetable foodstuffs around here, either. I like the Ampersand, Antique Key and Rainy Day Blues designs, too.

Etsy Finds: Moka, Moka

Monday morning is the most apropos time of the week for coffee, isn’t it? Forgetting momentarily that it’s well into Monday afternoon here (tardy blogger), I’m enjoying some coffee-related finds today. Particularly those to do with the Italian-designed Bialetti Moka pot. This classic looks just as good today as it did in 1933, and if you’ve got one, you’ll know that it makes darn good espresso, too. Check out these three cute “Moka finds” on Etsy.

Though the original silver version will always look great, I sort of fell for this bright yellow Moka pot sold by PeachyChicBoutique:

Etsy Finds: Moka, Moka

Mengsel is the shop that inspired this post; Luzelle’s Moka-inspired prints and tea towels are just adorable. I’m liking this Moka Express original screen print for a kitchen wall:

Etsy Finds: Moka, Moka

morning coffee open window is a romantic print from Madelyn Mulvaney’s couragemylove shop. Made from a polaroid taken with a vintage camera, it’s got such a dreamy quality to it:

Etsy Finds: Moka, Moka

Etsy find: Whimsy & Spice

Today’s “find” is a bit of a cheat, I’ll admit. Confectioner Whimsy & Spice is the featured seller on Etsy today, and I noticed their lovely photos as soon as I clicked over there. The Brooklyn-based business is run by a husband and wife team; Jenna is the designer and photographer and Mark the pastry chef extrordinaire. Unfortunately they can’t ship internationally (for obvious reasons), but my mouth is definitely watering while looking through thier shop.

Chocolate Chili Cashew Biscotti:

Whimsy & Spice

Rose and Black Pepper Thumbprints:

Whimsy & Spice

Homemade Cardamom Marshmallows:

Whimsy & Spice

Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookies:

Whimsy & Spice

Deluxe Whimsy & Spice Gift Box:

Whimsy & Spice

If you’re interested in these lovely images sans calories, the couple also plans to open a photography shop, Sweet Fine Day, soon.