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Blog Find: Livet Hemma

If you haven’t yet heard of Livet Hemma, the lifestyle blog from Swedish furniture giant IKEA, you’re in for a real treat. Yes, it’s all in Swedish and I for one can’t understand a word of it, but who needs to? With photography, styling ideas and inspiration this gorgeous, the images speak for themselves.

Don’t you just love this? Enjoy, and have a Happy Friday!


  1. Jenny says:

    Fantastic – you’ve just provided me with my Sunday night reading – heading over there now. Thanks.

  2. Feinmann says:

    There is a reason the IKEA instruction manuals are just pictures, they speak for themselves! These images definitely look like they could inspire a homeowner or too. Even small changes can make a big difference in your space.

  3. Debra says:

    Love all the goodies you have here – so much to see and read.

  4. Thank you for this link… I was laughing to myself as I tried to sign up to follow it though — I have no idea what I was clicking!! I think I signed up to follow it on Facebook… not sure though — ha ha. (I’ve just this morning found YOUR blog and love it!)

  5. Simon Byrne says:

    inventive styling, love the open shelving

  6. Door Handles says:

    I really do love the look of the outdoor, rustic setting here. It is so natural and has such a human look.

  7. Kitchen Bin says:

    I think its always good to know what the very best stylists are looking to at any one time. I love most of all the style of the shelving.