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Blog Find: Kim’s Kitchen Remodel

I’ve been busy discovering lots of new design blogs lately, so I thought I’d exhume my old Blog Find column and share some of them with you…

This week’s gem: Kim’s Kitchen Remodel. Not an ongoing blog in the traditional sense, this mini-site chronicled blogger Kim’s (one-half the always lovely Desire to Inspire blog) 2008 kitchen reno. It covers everything from her initial ideas and cabinetry choices to demolition, installation and the final reveal. Essential reading for an aspiring kitchen designer like me, but also fascinating for anyone with an interest in home remodels, kitchens or interior design.

Enjoy, and have a Happy Weekend!


  1. Good post though thanks for sharing.

  2. this living room is so colorful.

  3. John Batt says:

    a kitchen that has brilliantly been brought back to life with colour and modern furnishings. The only thing I worry about is that there seems to be a lot going on with the room, with bright colours, lots of chairs, paintings and pictures on walls. No criticism of the room though, as so much good work has been done to it. Well done!

  4. Ran Daniels says:

    Really like the seats they are way cool again as well a very light kitchen so loads of natural light i hate dark kitchens.

  5. I really like the new modern look. The chairs are beautiful and innovative. great ideas for an eat in kitchen.

  6. Simon Byrne says:

    Lovely quirky lighting, so good to see a change from the mass produced look.