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Photo Find: Toast Spring/Summer 2011 Catalogue

I’m a huge fan of British lifestyle brand Toast; their clothing and home accessories. I’m especially fond of their twice-yearly House & Home catalogue, which I wait for with bated breath. Usually filmed in some gorgeous, far-flung locale, they just drip with style.

Spring / Summer 2011 is no exception. Filmed on Mediterranean isles, it speaks of sun-washed colours, leisurely lunches and warm summer breezes. Exactly the kind of escape I could use right now, in fact.

Have a Happy Friday!

Cool Kitchen: The One-Piece Difference

Hello friends, long time no see! My one-week break from blogging turned into a rather extended absence. School, work and other commitments are piling up around here, but I’ve missed this space too much to let it continue any longer. Bring on the cool kitchens!

Yesterday, the style-savvy bloggers over at The Kitchn posted a profile on design firm The Brooklyn Home Company. Instantly, I was smitten with their look- clean, modern, somewhat quirky and lots of that “white and wood” that I love so much. One image in particular stood out for me- a one-wall kitchen in a small apartment which seemed, well, a little plain. Clean and practical, yes- but hardly inspiring.

Then I noticed a second photo; the same space with the addition of a rough-hewn wood island. Equal parts rustic and arty, this piece stopped me in my tracks:

Sometimes it just takes one great piece to take a space from fine to fantastic, don’t you think?

Blog Find: Livet Hemma

If you haven’t yet heard of Livet Hemma, the lifestyle blog from Swedish furniture giant IKEA, you’re in for a real treat. Yes, it’s all in Swedish and I for one can’t understand a word of it, but who needs to? With photography, styling ideas and inspiration this gorgeous, the images speak for themselves.

Don’t you just love this? Enjoy, and have a Happy Friday!

Round-up: Cappuccino Cups

It’s midweek, and I could use a little pick-me-up to see me through to the weekend. I’m a latte girl in the mornings and a macchiato one after noon, but let’s face it- there’s nothing quite as chic as the cappuccino, at least in the accessories department. Here, a round-up of my favourite cappuccino cups from around the web:

1. Nigella Lawson Cappuccino Cup and Saucer; 2. Cappuccino set from Etic Design; 3. Earthen Tea Cup from White Forest Pottery; 4. Revol Crumpled Cups from Heal’s

5. Merge Espresso Cup from White Forest Pottery; 6. Koziol Aroma Cup; 7. Mid Century Modern Coffee Cup from Harold & MOD; 8. Alessi Mami Cappuccino Cup

I’m especially loving the chic set from Etic Design, as well as the Koziol silicone-band cup, and the classic Italian version from Alessi. Which one is your favourite?

Etsy Find: the fox and the spoon

I was all set to post some lovely modern art on today’s Etsy Find when I stumbled across vintage kitchenware shop the fox and the spoon, and decided to change course. I know, I’m so predictable, but at least I know what I like. If you, too, like retro style and lovely images, enjoy!

From top: milk glass bud vase, teapot, tea and dessert setting, cake stand, flour sifter, aluminum cups.

Blog Find: Kim’s Kitchen Remodel

I’ve been busy discovering lots of new design blogs lately, so I thought I’d exhume my old Blog Find column and share some of them with you…

This week’s gem: Kim’s Kitchen Remodel. Not an ongoing blog in the traditional sense, this mini-site chronicled blogger Kim’s (one-half the always lovely Desire to Inspire blog) 2008 kitchen reno. It covers everything from her initial ideas and cabinetry choices to demolition, installation and the final reveal. Essential reading for an aspiring kitchen designer like me, but also fascinating for anyone with an interest in home remodels, kitchens or interior design.

Enjoy, and have a Happy Weekend!

Photo find: Comfort

What with schoolwork and my new job, I’ve been a busy girl lately, leading (of course) to my current state of fatigue and illness. What I need right now? Comfort, in the form of tea, toast and some visual inspiration.

I thought this image from Toast‘s Autumn/Winter ’10 House and Home catalogue fit my mood perfectly: vintage, homey, relaxed style. Their Spring/Summer ’11 catalogue is out in just a few days, so provided I’m feeling better by then, I’ll be back with some more Toast lovliness next week.

Until then, have a Happy Friday and a comfortable weekend!

Cool Kitchen: Bright Minimal; Somewhere in Scandinavia

As far as I’m concerned, there is just one word for this kitchen: awesome. It was the higgledy-piggledy collection of upper cabinets which first got my attention, but my eye soon wandered to other things: the sleek yellow lower cabinets, the bright vintage-y chaise, the touches of black which ground the space. The fact that this eclectic-yet-modern room has been installed in a period home (check out those lovely mouldings!) is the icing on the cake.

Photo from emmas designblogg, via From Scandinavia with Love.

Etsy find: 5gardenias vintage

It’s been a while since I posted some vintage lovliness here, so this morning seemed like a perfect chance to share my latest Etsy find, 5gardenias vintage. This Buffalo, US-based shop sells a sweet mix of homewares, decor and accessories, all styled and photographed beautifully.

I’m obsessed with the Danish Modern Covered Casserole, in the last image. What about you- see anything you like?

Restaurant Design by Tom Dixon

I don’t usually focus on restaurants or commercial spaces here, but since I’ve been working on a bar/restaurant design at school this term, I guess it’s been on my mind. I was actually searching out some new lighting when I came across this space on Dezeen: the brand-new restaurant of the Royal Academy of Arts here in London, designed by renowned British designer Tom Dixon.

While this space is definitely busier and darker than those I normally gravitate to, I just love it. After all, this is in a historic building, so working with the features and art makes far more sense that fighting them. I love the glass-encased sculptures which act as a dividing wall, and the rich reds and blacks which look so at home in the space. Dixon’s famous pendant lights add just the right amount of “modern”, don’t you think?


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